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Batch ReportingChargeback Lookout™
CRM ToolsFraud Barricade™
IP SwipeMobile Payment Form
Multi MIDOne-Click Reporting
Recurring BillingTokenization
Hotel Interchange Rate SupportSite Tags
EZICheck™Real-Time Monitoring Audit Trail
Advanced ReportingEzic Hosted PCI-Compliant Payment Pages
Card Expiration UpdaterVeriSmart™

Batch Reporting
Batch Settlement Reports
  • Efficiently execute bulk transactions
  • Merchants can process their transactions manually by uploading batch files to the system
  • Detailed batch reports
CRM Tools
CRM Tools
  • Customer email receipts, decline notices, & other communication
  • Configure & customize emails, receipts, & member activations
  • Assign templates to specific sites and/or transaction types
IP Swipe
IP Swipe
  • Process swipe data through major domestic processors in the gateway
  • Swipe readers are supported with PC compatible card readers
  • Bring Your Own Device philosophy
Multi MID
Multi MID

Merchants are able to process multiple merchant bank accounts under one account in the gateway.

  • Customizable Fallback & Cascade settings
  • Configure accounts by load balancing, transaction type, card issuer, site tags, or priority
Fraud Barricade™
Fraud Barricade™

Fraud Barricade™ provides unparalleled transaction protection.

  • Public & Private Negative Database Solutions
  • 15 Fully Customizable Fraud Scrubbing Settings
Mobile Payment

Mobile Payment Form

Accept mobile payments with our mobile payment form.

  • Customize to Individual Needs
  • PCI Compliant
  • Real Time Payment Processing
  • Accept Payments Anywhere
One-Click Reporting

One-Click Reporting
  • Choose from over 100 reports
  • Reporting in Real Time
  • Easily downloadable data for analysis
  • Automatically generate graphs

Store credit cards securely in the gateway without exposing information by using an ID number to identify the customer and associated card data.

Real-Time Monitoring Audit Trail
Real-Time Monitoring Audit Trail
  • Automatically track every attempted and successful action performed in each account
  • Maintain customer service
  • Warning and error messages are posted upon detection
Recurring Billing
Recurring Billing
  • Setup recurring payments without the liability associated with card holder data
  • Define your own billing intervals and transaction amounts
  • Total flexibility
  • Process transactions with Tokenization
Hotel Interchange Rate Support
Hotel Interchange Rate Support
  • Manage, organize, and track hotel charges within the virtual terminal
  • Fees can be shown separately for the hotel gift shop, restaurant, telephone, and more
  • Check in and Check out dates can be specified, along with room rates for efficiency purposes
  • EZICheck™ is our single payment processing solution for Resellers to offer their Merchants
  • Accept Online Checks
  • Increase range of accepted payments
  • Applicable Chargeback Lookout™
  • Customer Service provided for disputes
  • High Risk Merchants Accepted
Chargeback Lookout™
Chargeback Lookout™
  • Keep merchant bank accounts in good standing
  • Monitor & Manage chargeback data and retrieval requests
  • Direct daily feeds from the merchant's bank
  • Transactions flagged in gateway
Audit Trail
Audit Trail
  • Automatically track every attempted & successful action
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Warning and error messages are posted upon first detection of misuse
Site Tags
CRM Tools

Operate similar websites, locations, or businesses under one merchant gateway account.

  • Configure all emails, receipts, and payment pages for each individual Site Tag
  • Track all reporting, payment methods, and transactions under each Site Tag
Advanced Reporting
Advanced Reporting
  • Quick and Easy One-Click Reports
  • Custom Merchant Reports
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Data Retrieval Interface API
Card Expiration
Date Updater
Expiration Date Updater

Predict expiration dates for expired cards allowing merchants to effortlessly retain customers and increase revenue.

  • Extend Rebilling
  • Earn Additional Revenue
  • Reduce Customer Service Needs
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
Hosted Payment

Ezic Hosted PCI-Compliant Payment Pages
  • Customize to match the look & feel of the merchant's website
  • Links to secure payment form hosted on Ezic's servers
  • Addresses merchant PCI Compliance burden
Ezic's VeriSmart™ Technology

This Patent Pending feature protects merchants from chargebacks and fraud by ensuring that the bonafide card member is who is making the online purchase.

  • Confidently accept high-risk and high-dollar online transactions with no chargebacks