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ACH ProcessingChargeback Lookout™
Batch Settlement ReportsAudit Trail
Fraud Barricade™Multi MID
Recurring BillingSite Tags
TokenizationCRM Tools
Card Expiration Date UpdaterAdvanced Reporting

ACH Processing
ACH Processing
  • Accept Online Checks
  • Increase range of accepted payments
  • Applicable Chargeback Lookout™
  • Customer Service provided for disputes
  • High Risk Merchants Accepted
Batch Settlement
Batch Settlement Reports
  • Daily Batch Settlement Report
  • Automatic Email Notificaton of Failed/Unsettled Batch
Fraud Barricade™
Fraud Barricade™

Fraud Barricade™ provides unparalleled transaction protection.

  • Public & Private Negative Database Solutions
  • 15 Fully Customizable Fraud Scrubbing Settings
Recurring Billing
Recurring Billing
  • Setup recurring payments without the liability associated with card holder data
  • Define your own billing intervals and transaction amounts
  • Total flexibility
  • Process transactions with Tokenization

Store credit cards securely in the gateway without exposing information by using an ID number to identify the customer and associated card data.

Card Expiration
Date Updater
Expiration Date Updater

Predict expiration dates for expired cards to effortlessly retain customers and increase revenue.

  • Extend Rebilling
  • Earn Additional Revenue
  • Reduce Customer Service Needs
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
Chargeback Lookout™
Chargeback Lookout™
  • Keep merchant bank accounts in good standing
  • Monitor & Manage chargeback data and retrieval requests
  • Direct daily feeds from the merchant's bank
  • Transactions flagged in gateway
Audit Trail
Audit Trail
  • Automatically track every attempted & successful action
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Warning and error messages are posted upon first detection of misuse
Multi MID
Multi MID

Merchants are able to process multiple merchant bank accounts under one account in the gateway.

  • Customizable Fallback & Cascade settings
  • Configure accounts by load balancing, transaction type, card issuer, site tags, or priority
Site Tags
CRM Tools

Operate similar websites, locations, or businesses under one merchant gateway account.

  • Configure all emails, receipts, and payment pages for each individual Site Tag
  • Track all reporting, payment methods, and transactions under each Site Tag
CRM Tools
CRM Tools
  • Customer email receipts, decline notices, & other communication
  • Configure & customize emails, receipts, & member activations
  • Assign templates to specific sites and/or transaction types
Advanced Reporting
Advanced Reporting
  • Quick and Easy One-Click Reports
  • Custom Merchant Reports
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Data Retrieval Interface API